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beldarzfixon's Journal

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  • beldarzfixon@livejournal.com
For my regular journal, see beldar

This is a place to put my writing ideas, stories, verse and works in progress. Stuff just for me you won't see, stuff you can "look over my shoulder" to see will be friends only (just ask to be added).

I am participating in "LJ Idol" (therealljidol) here, so naturally posts for that are public, especially while this journal participates in the contest. I also have past LJI fiction pieces (plus some cribbed from the beldar account) in the public realm for those who didn't read them the first time around.

NOTE: All entries herein are copyright John Lyle Belden. Material that is considered "fanfic" or otherwise uses trademarked characters, concepts, etc. is not intended to abuse those trademarks and won't be used for profit. Parody is fair use of known entities. But otherwise anything I put here from my head is MINE. (And I understand the Snoopy icon image is not mine and I'm not claiming any ownership by using it.) Comments are welcome but doing so does not make a binding contract of collaboration until and unless one is specifically stated and only to the degree that it is specifically stated.