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Take it

Probably one of the most profound things baseball legend Yogi Berra said was, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Go left, you get to these places and do these things.
Go right, you get to those places and do those things
These would be nice, so would those.
But I might not like these or those
Or I'll like these better than those, or those better than these --

A horn blares impatiently behind you.
Hit the blinker, push the gas.
It's like taking a small step...


As the Lunar Module approached the surface, no doubt there were a lot of concerns on Armstrong’s mind. It was speculated that the Moon’s surface would be too unstable, that the legs of the module would sink into dust. Or that unknown forces on the surface could wreck the vehicle.

And what an insane idea to actually put on a flimsy silver suit and go outside!

One small step…


Ball is high. Up there. Over there.
I climb up. I stand.
This feels tall. I like this.
But ball is over there. There is gap.
Don’t want to drop down. I like tall. Like big people.
Look around. They look back. No one helps. Cry?
I see ball. I can get ball. Ball over there. How?
Move along where I stand. Hand over hand.
Now to gap. No help here. Only open space.
Ball over there. I want over there.
Can I go?

Engage synapses, calculate for mission: energy required, momentum, muscle movement, effects of gravity, balance, physical capability, distance, allowance for error. Alert: this body has not done this before, outcome doubtful. One step outward experiment reveals instability, grasp for support, regain erect posture, recalibrate. Muscular fatigue possible. Balance recovering. Attention Neural Control: Objective is still in sight, body integrity shaky, tantrum possible, time running short, do we abort or are we GO?!

One small step...

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Entry for LJ Idol: Season Eleven, Week 6; Topic: Solvitur ambulando ("It is solved by walking")
Tags: lj idol, lji season 11, stream of consciousness
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